Kindness Chronicles

WATCH: This photographer will make your day

Lately I’ve tried to focus on being kinder and appreciating the limited moments I have on Earth.  Unfortunately, it’s shocking how easy it is to stumble into negative thinking. You have to be vigilant and seek out positive role models, people who aggressively appreciate life.  Meet Brian Nice, a photographer with enviable comedic timing who’s planning to travel across America to inspire survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury.

Garrison Art Center show 1 (Photograph by Brian Nice)

A recent photo from the Garrison Art Center show in August 2012.

“The project will include the production of a gallery exhibition of photographs, a full color coffee-table book, and a documentary film about the journey. Any profits from the project will be donated to an outstanding local facility called the Therapeutic Equestrian Center in Cold Spring NY, which helps others affected by Traumatic Brain Injury.”

A brain disorder may have almost taken Brian’s life 4 years ago, but his spirit appears stronger than ever. If you want to feel inspired today and help survivors of traumatic brain injuries, then please support Brian’s project on Indiegogo.

“I love photography and I want to keep taking pictures. After my first brain bleed and surgery in September 2009, I could not imagine how I would be able to continue doing the art I loved, any physical activity, or even the basic task of living life. It seemed like all had been taken away from me and my goal was to simply survive…”

Garrison Art Center show 3 (Photograph by Brian Nice)

A recent photo from the Garrison Art Center show in August 2012.

“…A friend gave me a point and shoot camera and this was an uplifiting experience. My current work is very different, yet it helps me express and show how I see the world now. It allows me to continue my art and gives me a real sense of myself. I still connect to the world through a camera – I just have a different perspective. ” -Brian Nice


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